A General Overview on the Drug Kamagra

In the United States, the problem of erectile dysfunction affects about 70% of men who have crossed the age of 70. In other countries, this figure ranges from 48% to 90%. The preparation that can effectively cope with the symptoms of male sexual inability is Kamagra. It contains sildenafil citrate, which plays the role of its active ingredient.

Kamagra is produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharma. This preparation is a generic version of the super-famous Viagra tablets. The availability of the preparation in the generic version makes is affordable for any pocket. Thus, any man can get back to an active sexual life, thanks to this drug.

How Kamagra Works

To understand the way Kamagra influences the male sexual function, one should learn more about the mechanism of the erection appearance. So let’s stop on this in some more detail.

Erection is a complex process regulated by the vascular, endocrine, and nervous systems. Under the impact of sexual arousal and physical stimulation of the male sex organs, nitric oxide is secreted in the penile tissues. The chain reaction makes nitric oxide enhance the secretion of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. The latter induces the widening of the blood vessels leading to the penis and the relaxation of the smooth muscular tissue of the cavernous bodies of the male genitals. As a result, the organ fills with enough blood to provide a firm and lasting erection.

If for some reason (usually blood vessel issues), the amount of blood supplied to the penis is not enough to make it firm, a man develops erectile dysfunction. Kamagra, being one of the representatives of the PDE5 inhibitors, helps to enhance the inflow of blood to the penile area, thus helping men restore a healthy erectile function.

How to Take Kamagra

Kamagra medication is produced in the form of the green film-coated tablets and in the oral jelly. Regardless of the medical form, the preparation comes either in 50 mg or in the 100 mg dosage strength.

Having sildenafil citrate as an active component, Kamagra has similar recommendations for use with its brand counterpart. The studies showed that the time needed for the medication to come into effect ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Kamagra is not intended for scheduled intake. It means that you are supposed to administer the tablet only when you plan sexual activity. The time needed for the onset of the effects of the drug should be taken into account to choose the most appropriate time for taking a tablet. If you prefer taking Kamagra in the form of jelly, the effect may come faster, in approximately 15 minutes.

The medication should better be taken on an empty stomach or at least with a low-calorie meal. Fatty food can delay the onset of its effect and, possibly, reduce the efficiency of the preparation. Wash the tablet down with a glass of plain water. The jelly form can be administered without water, which is one of its main benefits.

The duration of action of Kamagra ranges from four to five hours. However, the studies claim about 75% of men taking sildenafil to be able to achieve an erection even 12 hours after administering a single dose of the medication.

Why Kamagra Is Better than the Brand Drug?

The primary benefit of the generic medication is that it can be bought much cheaper without any compromises on its quality. The secret of the low price of Kamagra is that it doesn’t need to be patented. Besides, the manufacturer hasn’t invested a cent in the development of the drug formula. The company just bought it after the patent of the brand medication expired. Minimum investments allow the company to get a maximum income offering the preparation at very tempting prices.

General Recommendations on Kamagra Dosage

Kamagra is only to be taken when you plan sexual activity. This drug is not for everyday intake, though if there’s a need, you can administer the tablet several days in a row. The only requirement is that 24 hours should pass between the intakes.

This preparation is available on prescription. Therefore, you should visit a doctor and pass a medical examination before you will be able to take Kamagra safely.

Usually, the treatment of male sexual dysfunction with Kamagra starts with the lowest doe available. In this case, it’s a 50 mg dose. Men with certain health problems and those aged more than 65 should better initiate the treatment with a 25 mg dose. Just split the tablet into two and take half of the dosage.

Depending on how your body reacts to the tablet, the Kamagra dose can be increased to 50 mg or to 100 mg, which is a daily maximum. The rate of efficiency of the preparation increases together with the doses, yet the incidence of side effects elevates in the same proportion.

Precautions to Kamagra Intake

Kamagra, and its active ingredient, in particular, are considered to be rather safe. Still, some patients are at a much higher risk of experiencing unwanted reactions due to the comorbidities they suffer. The health conditions that may play a crucial role in the safety of Kamagra treatment are the following:

Except for the diseases, your habits may also affect the way Kamagra works for you. For example, excessive alcohol consumption may increase the possibility of developing adverse reactions and exacerbate their severity. Besides, it can reduce the efficacy of Kamagra, as alcohol depresses the nervous system. This doesn’t allow the body to react to the physical stimulation properly. No reaction – no erection. Kamagra effects activate only when a man feels sexually excited.

You should also avoid drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruits as they will affect the metabolism of sildenafil, causing its levels to get too high. This may trigger a number of adverse reactions.

When on Kamagra, you should also remember that certain medicines interact with it. In some cases, a dose adjustment may help, or one can keep a gap between the two pills. Some drugs are contraindicated with Kamagra because they can trigger severe adverse reactions with life-threatening outcomes. Among these preparations, you’ll find:

Kamagra Contraindications

The contraindications to the treatment with Kamagra are quite numerous. Among them there are:

Kamagra is not recommended in men under 18 years old and women. The preparation is not for use in healthy men who want to improve their performance in bed. To tell the truth, Kamagra just won’t work. This medication works exclusively for those suffering from erectile dysfunction

Possible Unwanted Reactions to the Dug

Approximately 20% of men using Kamagra for their erectile dysfunction experience at least one side effect of the drug. Usually, these reactions are temporary and don’t possess a danger to your health. The side effects one can face most often are the following:

Such reactions of the organism commonly go away together with the effects of the medication. They are not dangerous, yet you should contact your GP if any of the symptoms gets worse or persists.

The side effects that should make you seek medical attention are mainly associated with the cardiovascular system. Less than 2% of users develop them. The reactions you should be cautious about include: